Hard working idlers @ Dominokingdom

July 20th, 2010 Comments Off on Hard working idlers @ Dominokingdom

An will talk about collaborative narrative practices within Constant during a workshop on ‘Real Time Composition’ with Joao Fiadeiro and others proposed by performer Adva Zakai @ Dominokingdom. In her talk she will try to use the words ‘event’, ‘suggestion’, ‘confirmation’, ‘save’, ‘loop’, ‘error’, ‘judge’, ‘sharing’, ‘generosity’, ‘manipulation’, ‘responsability’, ‘care’, ‘complexity’, ‘here & now’, ‘the elasticity of the system’, ‘timing’, ‘trust’, ‘engage’, ’empathy’, ‘value’, ‘forking’, ‘bug’, ‘utopia’, ‘unity of action’.

Adva Zakai about the workshop:
Each day will be divided into two sessions: Mornings to the practice of Real Time Composition, a method developed by Joao Fiadeiro, and afternoons to a talk with an invited guest (details soon).
Why ‘hard working idlers’?
Because I find myself confronted by this contradiction: On the one hand, being critical towards the ethics of artistic practice that are increasingly product-oriented – generating practices which are exclusive rather than inclusive, imposing a position on the artist’s plan rather than enabling an ‘emergence’ of a situation. On the other hand, appreciating a personal examination of ideas or forms, and intrigued by a detailed, skillful and directed proposition from the artist to the public.
Can these two approaches compliment rather than oppose each other: Where does the artist’s control over a performance stop and the event generate itself through the contributions of all its participants? How much (or rather what kind of) ‘work’ is needed in order to trigger a situation?
The same inquiries are perhaps relevant with regards to the way one relates to one’s surroundings. Can changes in society emerge through individual or self-organized mechanisms rather than be dictated by overarching norms, ideologies and preconceptions? If we consider an experience as complete even though its in a constant state of becoming itself – would it allow more dynamic and liberation from dogmas in our day, work, life, art?

The aim of the workshop is:
To assemble people and practices that engage diversely with the inquiries mentioned above. It is an attempt to find links between art, politics, nature and society through certain common principals that these fields address. The workshop is more of an experiment than a constructed journey – a disposition of elements that will hopefully evolve organically into a shared learning process.

When: 17 – 23 July (except 21 July) at 11h – 18h (17 & 18 July at 12h – 17h)
Where: Rue Gallait 80, Schaerbeek, Brussels

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