Literature & Snakes

July 23rd, 2013 § 0 comments


From 22nd July to 27th July French programmer and artist Olivier Heinry and me are in residency in Constant Variable, to explore the connections between literary creation and Python, a programming language that allows for scripting, text analysis and much more.
Olivier focusses on remixing spam and reusing the spam networks as alternative publishing platforms for ficticious authors who write using artistic algorithms. I take on the development of Neel Dorpf, a female literary spammer whose work is focused on mirroring the letters of contemporary women who offer their services by mail in the naturalist portraits of the characters of Neel Doff’s texts, who offer their services in order to survive. This residency was inspired by the worksessions of Algolit.

We present the results of this week’s work on Saturday during a Kitchen Table Presentation, from 19h onwards! Bring food & drinks.

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