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The Scratch Orchestra

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A collection of documents published by ICA London in 1994:

25 years from Scratch

All problems will be solved by the masses

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This essay was written by Simon Yuill, awarded at Transmediale 2008.

All problems will be solved by the masses

Afterparty: reaction/impressions/intentions

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Category: Brigittines, Report

For the workshop 2 at Les Brigittines in Jan 2009 Continue Reading »

Rough notes of the process – day 2

Category: Brigittines, Report

Observations on playing/setting by Kirsty Stansfield

Day 2 Les Brigitinnes Continue Reading »

Rough notes of the process – day 1

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Observations of the playing/setting by Kirsty Stansfield

Day 1 workshop 2 @ Les Brigittines Continue Reading »

1st experience – December 2008


After the first workshop, we had a list of questions regarding the use of the software. Continue Reading »

Constant@Brigittines – January 2009

Category: Brigittines, Report

All players were present for Workshop 2 at Les Brigittines from 24-27th January.

We worked intensively with the software, stretching the possibilities and making Simon update the software daily.
We worked intensively exchanging experiences amongst the different disciplines. Narratives can take on all different meanings depending on who’s talking (the musician, the dancer, the storyteller).
We looked for images and scores, uploaded our material to the computer, set the rules and played. By the end of the fourth day, we had set out a thorough playing structure, consisting of: Continue Reading »

Constant@Ateliers Claus – December 2008

The first follow-up of the ‘Transdisciplinary improvisation’ workshop at APT.
Big testing of our new digital environment during 2 days!

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Constant/OKNO – November 2008

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Visual artist Laia Sadurní and storyteller An Mertens discussed their latest experiences during the performance of Karass Suite in the Collaborative Online Video Program.

Both share a vivid interest for the relationship between body and software. Both look for ways to interact with computers in ways that include and respect the physicality of the body.
Came together: storytelling – body – performance – transdisciplinary – improvisation – software – Simon Yuill – APT – …

The following days An Mertens dived into the archives of Constant to have a closer look at Object Score Notation, the collaboration between APT and Constant.