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Software development

Object Score Notation online!

Objscrs is the motion tracking software that was used for Kaleidoscope. The program allows you to interpret the movement of objects and bodies in a live video image using different types of sensor zones.

The latest version of this software was developed by Simon Yuill as the negociation platform for the installation-performance Kaleidoscope. Code, manual and documentation can be found here and can be used, copied and distributed freely.


Objscrs new!

Trying out new version of the software.
Much more flexible, focused on the body, opening up to infinite possiblities… uuuuh

demo workshop / pix

Find here a short video-registration of the results of the Kaleidoscope workshop that took place in les Brigittines from 24-27th January. Thanks to Matthias, Peter & Laurent!

Find here the pictures of the same workshop:
– by Peter Westenberg
– by Wauter Mannaert

1st experience – December 2008


After the first workshop, we had a list of questions regarding the use of the software. Continue Reading »