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Object Score Notation online!

Objscrs is the motion tracking software that was used for Kaleidoscope. The program allows you to interpret the movement of objects and bodies in a live video image using different types of sensor zones.

The latest version of this software was developed by Simon Yuill as the negociation platform for the installation-performance Kaleidoscope. Code, manual and documentation can be found here and can be used, copied and distributed freely.


Video online!

A video of the Kaleidoscope-performance can be found here:

Version française

Dutch version

Filming: Christina Clar

Editing: Robin Vandenbergh

Programme & Scores online!

If you want to play Kaleidoscope again or you are interested in consulting, copying, modifying and/or redistributing the games & their rules, we invite you to download the program that was handed over to the audience of Kaleidoscope. Design by Laia Sadurní.

They were asked to:
– end a game by shouting ‘quit’
– propose a game
– play a game

You can find the scores of the patches in objscrs here.

People playing

kaleidoscope091125c kaleidoscope091125b kaleidoscope091125akaleidoscope091125

And all over again @ La Bellone

  • Fancy way to attach the camera at the 10m heigh ceiling:


  • Installing the dance floor – with special pvc-treat for Lot & Dorothé thanks to Zinneke:


  • Reward will be: chocomousse op bomma’s wijze


  • We are very lucky: working with brand new stuff (screen/floor/beamer/spots) – just arrived at La Bellone


  • The result = great!