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Voice workshop with Susan Worsfold using the Nadine Georges Technique

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Kirsty invited Susan Worsfold for 1 day to introduce An to the Nadine George Technique and to lend her knowledge to the work we had realised until then. Thank you Susan!

Susan is a great voice teacher. She is trained as an actress & theatre director in Conservatory of Glasgow, where she met Nadine George at the age of 18 and never left her. In her voice trainings she develops the idea of inhabiting the body, the conversation and the action through breathing. This technique gives the extra connectedness & intuition to a ‘performance’.

Basic warm-up: Read the rest of this post

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Parameters: Qualities

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Inspired by Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons Kirsty and An looked into the different qualities one can use to compose, in this case, a text. The idea is to write words or a sentence through association on rhythm, colour, meaning, etc. Here it suited the way objects would engage in a conversation through objscrs.

Dorothé and An already used the same technique during their Summer Residency at Parts: in movement and in text.

Parameters: live, visual and software

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Organising loops, timing the machinal actions by using the metronome function (‘time’), playing with variables through the selection objects (‘composition’), and having data moved by bodies (‘agency’) were the main ‘machinal’ specs we forces ourselves to look into.

The improvisation exercises we did in the mornings pointed out some more parameters. We divided them into:
– ‘live’ parameters, such as: force, body volume and texture
– ‘software’ parameters such as: body area, dominant, continuous and static tracking
– ‘visual’ parameters (on the projection screen) such as: texture, position

And there are parameters that belong to various fields.
The scheme has to be completed & reorganised 🙂

Objects as agents – the sources

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The software objscrs does not make any difference between a human and an objects entering or being in the space.
This gives any object a potential agency.

Therefore we had with us a.o. following books:
– John Law/John Hassard, Actor Network Theory and after, Blackwell Publishing, 2006, Oxford
– Latour, Irréductions Read the rest of this post

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Kirsty & An quickly developed a working methodology.
In the morning they would work without the machine, starting with warm-up exercises from the following books:

– Pauline Oliveiros, Deep Listening, A Composer’s Sound Practise, iUniverse 2005, US

– Orlanda Cook, Singing with your own voice, Nick Hern Books, London, 2004

followed by improvisation exercises with the objects and their voices, as f.ex.: Read the rest of this post

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Residency in CCA Glasgow – set-up

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The set-up in CCA influenced a lot the decisions we took to work.

The lab in CCA has following features:

– ceiling 3,5m
– bright shiny floor
– not possible to darken much Read the rest of this post

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Workshop After Motion Tracking Trace

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Dorothé, Lot and Matthias organised a 2nd workshop during the residency at Marginalia, followed by a public presentation in Espanca! Read the rest of this post

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Almost forked

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While An prepared the presentation about Constant & Lab2Lab for the Marginalia team, Dorothé & Lot had been spending a day working without objscrs, imagining yet another emergency score.
Some in between shots:

On Monday 4th July we were all four present in BH: Dorothé, Matthias, Lot & An. We decided to play, whatever machines we had to use for it. It was An’s last day. She promised to write a ‘testimony’ about her stay in BH that would somehow be integrated in the final presentation.
Here it is: http://www.adashboard.org/coLAPseKoDe_games/marginalia/almost_forked.html

‘IR’ & ‘PS3 Eye camera’

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We were very happy with the proposal of Andre to costumize their webcam sowe could use a usb camera at Suspensa.

The manual seemed easy:

The work was fun, dixit Pedro & Andre

But… Read the rest of this post

@ circus Suspensa

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With the help of Marginalia+Lab Dorothe visited a lot of different work spaces in Belo Horizonte; one was not high enough, another was only available 2 x 3hs/week. In the end she chose the theatre in construction of the circus company Suspensa. They are situated in a charming ‘red’ village at 30 minutes by car from the city.

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