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Artefact demo: Do Clap, Ok I See / Applaus, Ok Ik Zie

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Posted by ana on February 22, 2012 at 5:00 am

!Co LAPse KoDe is part of the Artefact exhibition on the topic of ´The Social Contract´. On a table constructed as part of the staircase furniture of ‘Connection Protocols’, a live-publication of VJ13 by Constant, An will organise a table top demonstration of objscrs in the spirit of the Pianofabriek & CCA table top experiences. Today between 17 & 19hs.

The idea of the staircase publication of Connection Protocols is to go deeper into the different works and ideas present in the staircase and to connect, re-edit, version, republish.
‘Do Clap Ok I See´ is establishing a link between:
Workers leaving the Googleplex by Andrew Norman Wilson
– Ivan Monroy Lopez performance ‘Exiled Cuisine’
– Laura Esquivel’s novel ‘Like Water for Chocolate’

Objscrs will be presented as a marble game in a circuit of coloured wires. The marbles will trigger 4 different kind of voices retelling an event. This is the default score of 5′ that can be optimised and extended throughout the day:
– 1 white voice: official standard version, using the body_xy to run the text with the marble in a vertical way over the screen
– red voices: informal boosted but fragmented versions of the event as conversations, using ‘show/hide/location’ to pop up in different places
– green voice: sincere voice of the sensitive interested visitor who happened to be there, using ‘show/hide’ as small subtitles on the screen
– yellow voices: reveal the cause and effects of the event in a language that is secret to most of us

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