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Voice, objects and audience

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Posted by ana on September 11, 2011 at 3:34 pm

As a closure of the work in the Creative Lab Kirsty and An organised a public moment to share the results.
In the space they set up the table top, a library with the books they consulted and a list of parameters against the wall.

More pictures

Around 15 to 20 people turned up. The great challenge for Kristy lied in getting them to participate in a warming up exercise, the idea being to clear the space of outside energies and install a collective space.
The warm up score:
* stand in a circle
* rub hands, arms, legs
* breath deep in and out, look around exhaling
* walk as slowly as possible in the space for 5 minutes

This last instruction is great to jump into concentration and focus. caused gentle creaks in the wooden floor, and be conscious about the internal and external body, space, other bodies.

Next Kirsty and An took place at the table and conversed by moving two objects. Thanks to objscrs the objects activated text on the projection screen. The players did only watch each other, not the screen. Every gesture was assisted by a breath as Susan suggested.
After the 4 machinal scores were performed, they finished and opened the space for questions, comments, conversation.
This was a strange thing to do: the collective energy and concentration was so high we could have easily invited to people present to play and let the conversations grow spontaneously.

Following comments were great feed back:
* the screen becomes the canvas on which the objects draw
* the audience are the eyes of the players
* the play of Kirsty and An had the concentration of a chess game, a serious thinking strategic game. It became very clear when people in the audience started to play, that there exist different game modes. The relational positioning of the objects creates compositions on the table. There can also be a competitive attitude (to try to impress) or an acrobatic (to try to make the objects fly f.ex.).
* during the ‘performative moment’ by Kirsty and An some people looked more at the screen, others more at the human interaction at the table; during the free play afterwards it was clear that the human game wins in attention span. We are homini ludenses.
It was great to see other people engage with the objects and each other!

Kirsty and An thank everyone one for their presence and rich comments, the shared teas and pints!

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