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Posted by ana on April 23, 2011 at 2:35 pm

The experience of moving ‘inside’ an image changed the sense of the game in such a way that we modified the next score of the set by writing a new text that suits the event better. Whereas jeu_des_jeux_beeld_area.xml evoques some particularities of the Brussels’ fleemarket at La Place au Jeu de Balle, teh text in jeu_des_jeux_cour_area evoques a future world in which we’ll all learn to use our bodies in precise and conscious ways. And objscrs is training us for that! (with a big thanks to our mini-audience for sharing this thought).

In the execution of the score we explored the idea of dialogue between two players. One manipulates the image (by strechting or reducing it), the other moves inside the text, crawls in between the words, the letters and plays with its meaning. For the spectator this play creates the ambiguous effect of the manipulated (the one who moves inside the text) being the manipulator and the manipulater being the manipulated. Thinking of it now, while writing up this post, I guess this specific dialogue game will be provided with yet another text next time :-).

txt jeu_des_jeux_beeld_area

txt jeu_des_jeux_cour_area

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