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Posted by dorothe on April 23, 2011 at 7:52 am

From April 18 till 23 we reworked the manual we created for the festival Le Souffle de l’Equinoxe in Poitiers. We had a look at the scores again [r – read], changed ‘beeldverhaal’ and ‘body_area’ [w – write] and really enjoyed playing them [x – execute].

During our research we started looking for a ‘real’ surveillance image. We had the chance to be able to connect our computer to the surveillance camera in the matrix room of De Pianofabriek and… Eureka! We discovered objscrs works fine with that camera! For all kind of different reasons we could not start working with it immediately. Therefore we only took screenshots. Being able to work ‘in-situ’ opened great perspectives.

Have a look at the full animation here.

And it made us feel a little bit drunk… so much we forgot to archive the moment!

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