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Artefact demo: Do Clap, Ok I See / Applaus, Ok Ik Zie

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!Co LAPse KoDe is part of the Artefact exhibition on the topic of ´The Social Contract´. On a table constructed as part of the staircase furniture of ‘Connection Protocols’, a live-publication of VJ13 by Constant, An will organise a table top demonstration of objscrs in the spirit of the Pianofabriek & CCA table top experiences. Today between 17 & 19hs. Read the rest of this post

Feb 22, 2012

Voice & objects – the score

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These scores set up a conversation between two objects. They have a precise duration and order. The end reference in score 4 is a sound, activated through a simple pd playback patch.

The scores are used in a table top set-up, with a vid mask to limit the tracked space (in this case the table). Two players take place in front of each other. They take the time to concentrate on body, object, each other. They negociate who starts, without using words. They never look at the projection screen.

The audience discovers how the words materialize on screen by the juxtaposition of two ‘conversations’ going on: the one between the players & the objects, the one between the objects and the text messages.

You can watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/user4419409/objectasvoice (pass=creativelab)

Sep 11, 2011

Voice, objects and audience

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As a closure of the work in the Creative Lab Kirsty and An organised a public moment to share the results.
In the space they set up the table top, a library with the books they consulted and a list of parameters against the wall.

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Sep 11, 2011


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Kirsty and An translated elements from their improvisations like ‘meeting’, ‘conversation, ‘presence’ into the machinal building blocks for the scores, looking more closely at ‘machinal’ capacities like the automation of time, selection and repetition.

On Time inspired by Latour:
Time indicates the force of texts, messages, ideas – the longer it stays, the stronger it gets, but when it stays too long, it becomes obsolete, because it is invested by other ideas growing. Change is the only stability. There needs to be change in order to continue breathing.

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Aug 21, 2011

Listening score

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In Pauline Oliveiros’ Deep Listening she proposes to listen to the space that surrounds you with a ‘global attention’ alternated with a ‘focal attention’ that you follow till the end when something catches your attention.

Kirsty and An applied this exercise at the table for a conversation with some chosen objects. They listened and imagined a score for themselves, like f.ex. this hommage to JC:
– take sounds as a score and objects as the instruments
– perform the score with focus on time, texture, movement, force, position, weight

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Aug 21, 2011

Voice workshop with Susan Worsfold using the Nadine Georges Technique

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Kirsty invited Susan Worsfold for 1 day to introduce An to the Nadine George Technique and to lend her knowledge to the work we had realised until then. Thank you Susan!

Susan is a great voice teacher. She is trained as an actress & theatre director in Conservatory of Glasgow, where she met Nadine George at the age of 18 and never left her. In her voice trainings she develops the idea of inhabiting the body, the conversation and the action through breathing. This technique gives the extra connectedness & intuition to a ‘performance’.

Basic warm-up: Read the rest of this post

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Aug 21, 2011


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Kirsty & An quickly developed a working methodology.
In the morning they would work without the machine, starting with warm-up exercises from the following books:

– Pauline Oliveiros, Deep Listening, A Composer’s Sound Practise, iUniverse 2005, US

– Orlanda Cook, Singing with your own voice, Nick Hern Books, London, 2004

followed by improvisation exercises with the objects and their voices, as f.ex.: Read the rest of this post

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Aug 19, 2011

Score Patio & Stage in De Pianofabriek

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With the new objects grab & anim we created the following score. It goes with a small script and is best executed it with the residents of the house.

0/ video on stage – player 1 moves inside the imagined picture of the patio – grab stage_

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Jun 10, 2011

Scores ‘Le jeu des jeux’

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For ‘Le Jeu des jeux’ in Poitiers we played without video and text display, as both objects need stabilizing.
We proposed 7 games as a manual, the audience had the possibility to play back the games.
Herewith you find:
– the scores
– the images
– the pd-patch (connected to an electric guitar)

Mar 27, 2011

Adding quality to text

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Inspired by Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons An developed the following writing score:

* Choose a raw material (a word)

* Practise accumulation from this word by using one of the following qualities: Read the rest of this post

Aug 19, 2010