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Residency in CCA Glasgow – set-up

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The set-up in CCA influenced a lot the decisions we took to work.

The lab in CCA has following features:

– ceiling 3,5m
– bright shiny floor
– not possible to darken much Read the rest of this post

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Aug 18, 2011

‘IR’ & ‘PS3 Eye camera’

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We were very happy with the proposal of Andre to costumize their webcam sowe could use a usb camera at Suspensa.

The manual seemed easy:

The work was fun, dixit Pedro & Andre

But… Read the rest of this post

Jul 4, 2011

Try-out Kinect

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We had fun trying out the Kinect in the Constant’s office, Rue du Fortstraat and De Pianofabriek. In the end we decided to stick with our classical surveillance camera for this project !CoLAPseKode. Read the rest of this post

Jun 10, 2011

Swapping between surveillance cameras

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This time in De Pianofabriek we had the permission to connect objscrs to one of the surveillance cameras in the matrix room. During the entire week we could switch permanently between the ‘stage’ and ‘the patio’, which caused a lot of confusion in our heads in the first place.

swapping & overlays

swapping between cameras & using overlays

The connection was smooth: thanks to the stageboxes DPF can beam the video stream up in less than 5 minutes. The videoswitcher that was part of their previous surveillance system (and almost ended up in the trash) found a new life:

Jun 10, 2011

Cyclos & co

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The camera works fine with infrared lights now, thanks to help by Guillermo Casado (Fotograma, Paris), Michael Janssen & Gregor Van Mulders (De Pianofabriek, Brussels).
For this particular Poitiers-set-up, the lights we needed could not be provided by the festival, so we went with yet another solution proposed by David, the local light technician. We used:

– two cyclos with punched filters (1×120 + 1×027)

– 2 infrared strips that were costumized by Wendy & Matthias to illuminate the corners. Look at their report here.

Mar 19, 2011


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The question that kept the technicians occupied for some time, was how to hang the camera high enough with a clear vision without having to remove beamers and spots that are necessary for the other performances. This is the festival spirit, there is no way that can move ‘the tower’ in between 2 performances.

Mar 19, 2011