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Scores ‘Le jeu des jeux’

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For ‘Le Jeu des jeux’ in Poitiers we played without video and text display, as both objects need stabilizing.
We proposed 7 games as a manual, the audience had the possibility to play back the games.
Herewith you find:
– the scores
– the images
– the pd-patch (connected to an electric guitar)

Mar 27, 2011

! Co LAPse fashion

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The Roberta Miss & Barbara Decloux line has been successfully exported to Poitiers!

Mar 19, 2011

Cyclos & co

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The camera works fine with infrared lights now, thanks to help by Guillermo Casado (Fotograma, Paris), Michael Janssen & Gregor Van Mulders (De Pianofabriek, Brussels).
For this particular Poitiers-set-up, the lights we needed could not be provided by the festival, so we went with yet another solution proposed by David, the local light technician. We used:

– two cyclos with punched filters (1×120 + 1×027)

– 2 infrared strips that were costumized by Wendy & Matthias to illuminate the corners. Look at their report here.

Mar 19, 2011


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The question that kept the technicians occupied for some time, was how to hang the camera high enough with a clear vision without having to remove beamers and spots that are necessary for the other performances. This is the festival spirit, there is no way that can move ‘the tower’ in between 2 performances.

Mar 19, 2011


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In Poitiers we work with the most recent version of the software:

This new version of objscrs fixes the problems with the video cameras and allows messages for defining the locations of text and image objects to be connected directly.
(PS: little bug: the ‘ctrlkey’ object does not accept the letter ‘b’, this is because the letter ‘b’ is normally treated a bang when given as an argument on an object)

The camera connects through a canopus, which means a communication through dv4l and vloopback. You find the full explanation for installation & running here by Simon: apx_dvinput_install

And a start-up script by Pierre here:

Mar 19, 2011


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With the blue suitcase that contains about anything we need to work…

Gare de Poitiers

Bxl-Poitiers: 4.15h en TGV


the church that is now called the auditorium, we will perform here

Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional

Opposite the church: the conservatoire as the festival nerve centre

blue suitcase

the treasures of the blue suitcase

Mar 18, 2011

Le Souffle de l’Equinoxe

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! Co LAPse KoDe is invited to present ‘The Game of Games/Le jeu des Jeux’ at the festival Le Souffle de l’Equinoxe in Poitiers on 19th and 20th March. We will present a game that serves as a manual, after which the audience is invited to play.

As none of the programmers is free to join us, this participation means a challenge in terms of our communication with the software, the camera, the lights.

More info on the festival:
Le jeu des jeux

Mar 15, 2011