Meryem 14-6-11 9:15

All kind of rumors and hearsay seem to surround our square at Porte de Ninove...

[1-9] Alejandro 14-6-11 9:26

yep Mer! is because of John. he should not av disappeared so fast after leaving d prison. that's grist 2 d mill of d slippy tongues. here comes his true story!

[1-10] Nikki 14-6-11 20:39

Alejo, truth will out! Besides, Nina, your drawing tells it all & it's published all over the world. Click quick 2C Nina Vanderleckt's amazing work!

[1-4] Rasta 16-6-11 23:35

Hi Nikki, what you do is tricky! We all love Nina & her skillful drawing imagination, but if you make the effort of drawing a line, it should be that of the endless gentrification and the Comi T who guaranteed we can stay on the square having fun and drinking wine!


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We had such an exciting time on Earth in company of these humans. Being back on the Olympus with our depressed father feels rather odd, as if things have changed forever. We're looking for another Nina to go down to Earth again soon. Her story was an eye opener to me.

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