Adagio on waffles

November 5th, 2010 Comments Off on Adagio on waffles

Small instant performance – tribute to the print parties I enjoyed so much – with linguistic activism, story, Belgian waffles, fonts & a printer @ Lab2lab, La Tabacalera, Madrid, 11-06-2010.

Lab2Lab is a series of meetings amongst medialabs around Europe. During the Lab2Lab event at Medialab Prado/Madrid we merged with the group of international artists of the Interactivos-program. The language of communication was English. The amalgam of accents gathered in one space was so beautiful I decided to make a first step into capturing this on paper.

While baking Belgian waffles as desert I told the story of how the recipe of the waffles got into my hands thanks to the rich subculture that was present in my parent’s house during my childhood. I proposed everyone to add their specific flavours to the Anglosaxon culture, dominantly present while working on the web, but strikingly absent during this Lab2Lab meeting.
Every person pronounced the saying and agreed upon my graphical interpretation of their voice.
You can see the result here: slideshow booklet.
You can download the booklet with the recipe for a ‘brochure’-print on A4.

The adage I used was: Every bird sings the way it is beaked, translated from the Dutch expression: Elke vogel zingt zoals hij gebekt is.
An adage (pronounced /ˈædɨdʒ/), or adagium (Latin), is a short but memorable saying that holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people, or that has gained some credibility through its long use.

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